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Freebies p.3, Animated Mockups, UI kits, tools

Third part of our collection 
of awesome freebies

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1. Animated Sketchy Mockup for Photoshop

That’s free animated iPhone mockup that you can use in Photoshop, no After Effects or similar soft needed. Also, you can export each frame separately as a static mockup, there are 120 frames at resolution 1920×1080 px.
Use the PSDs smart objects as always and then export the result as a GIF, video or png-sequence.

2. 7 Boxes Mockups for Photoshop

Check our free awesome Box Mockups. Download these mockups if you need to present your logo or ID project. 7 Scenes included.
Each scene includes 2 materials: full-color and cardboard, just choose what you need in Photoshops Layers Panel

3. Wireframe Prototyping System for Sketch

Plan your project navigation with these beautiful maps. For your mobile and web projects.
With these elements, you can easily create beautiful flowcharts. Also, the file contains arrows, labels, gestures and other elements. File is fully customizable, just customize this basic colors and refresh styles, entire project will also be updated

1. Easy Resizing
Tune the project to your liking with these easy-to-use elements. If you need more canvas or arrows – just resize it! Everything was thought through for comfortable and fast work.

2. Easy Customizing
If you need customization, adjust the colors, fonts or lines in a special “Customize here” section. Update the styles, and the whole flowchart database will upload as well. It has never been so easy to set your own unique style!

And this pack available in 4 colors

4. Toro Concept (Concept Library) for Sketch and Photoshop

Download this free web concept, beautiful guideline, layouts and templates 

5. Free Minimalistic Phone Mockups for Your Presentations for Photoshop and Sketch

A minimalistic free smartphones mockups so you can showcase your app and web designs
This freebie makes your work easier and it uses smart objects. By changing the content of the smart object with your design you will get your desired result in few seconds without worrying about placement and perspective.

Feel free to use this White iPhone Mockup Free PSD to showcase your iOS app UI design in style. Hoping that it may be useful to present your work.

6. Free Paper Mockups for Photoshop 

Check our free awesome Paper Branding Mockup.
There are a lot of powerful features 🤘

7. WuHoo! Customizable Hero/Header image for Photoshop 

Check out this beautiful free scene for your next project.
Fully customizable, highres items.

Experience super quality and a lot of features:
– Color masks for easy changing colors
– Eye-catching details
– Mockups for easy customization
– Huge resolution, great for print projects or Retina screens
– Separate transparent adjustable shadow

8. 8 Black Matte Apple Devices for Photoshop and Sketch

Black Matte Apple Devices Mockups with changeable background, at resolution 1920 x 1080 px, for Sketch and Photoshop

9. 8 White Matte Apple Devices for Photoshop and Sketch

White Matte Apple Devices Mockups with changeable background, at resolution 1920 x 1080 px, for Sketch and Photoshop

9. Resource UI KIt  for Photoshop, Sketch and Adobe XD

Beautiful pack of UI components and flowcharts in one style. In two color variations: Dark and Light. Small pack of our Resource UI kit

Appreciate this project if you like our freebies :)

Freebies p.3, Animated Mockups, UI kits, tools

Freebies p.3, Animated Mockups, UI kits, tools