About The Project
Project realised as a part of a cooperation with Prismake. iTrucker aims at creating a complex network of solutions for the American trucking industry, including a digital ELD used by truckers on the road and a marketplace that connects truckers and carriers with the best available, quality freight.

My Role
I took a part in shaping the brand and its products from the very beginning, being the main person responsible for the visual identity, brand design and UI/UX of all company's applications. Other team members involved in the process were: Justyna Pindel (Content & Marketing), Maciej Łobodziński (Management), Adam Pietrasiak (Full Stack Development).

Jan 2017 – Jun 2017

Logo Design

Landing Page

ELD Logbook Application
The electronic logbook is a mobile (Android) application used by truckers on the road to log their activity during the day. 

Trucker Helper Application
A mobile application that helps truckers on the road to find the best service stations, truck stops, gas stations and more. 

Loadboard Application (for brokers)
Desktop web application used by brokers to find suitable carriers for their loads. 

Loadboard Application (for carriers & truckers)
Desktop and mobile application for carriers and truckers that helps them find suitable loads and make money. It also lets drivers connect with other truckers and compete with them.