Nautilus | Tavern   (Corporate Identity)

Nautilus is a cozy beach tavern, located in the bay of Garitsa, in Kerkyra town. The anchor shank in the logo, takes the form of a three tine fork-such asthe ones used for tidbits-hence indicating what this company is about- food andmore specifically Greek style tapas (meze). The anchor is a symbol inextricably linked with the sea, and the restaurantin question, due to its privileged, unique location, has a distinct sea aura. Furthermore the anchor is associated with stability and “binding”. Metaphorically speaking, these are concepts Nautilus relates to, since it aimsto become a favorite haunt with regular customers. The logo is designed in such a manner so as to be totally symmetrical, hence suggesting that the company is consistent and trustworthy. The name is written in Serif font, which is timeless, clear and sturdy, whilea gentle shade of blue was chosen, in order to represent the sea, calmness andserenity.

© 2011
Ktima Lemonies  |  Lemonies Estate   (Corporate Identity)
Lemonies estate is an agrotourism unit which is located in the traditional village of Lamyra in Andros island. Its luscious gardens include more than 50 lemon trees, under the shade of which, guests may enjoy their breakfast. The source of inspiration for the design of the logo which resembles a lemon tree was the ground plan of the estate. The shape of the tree was inspired by the boundaries of the estate, while its fruits correspond to the buildings and facilities of the estate. The symbol is completed with the addition of a quadrant of the slice of a lemon in each fruit. The handwritten style of the title suggests the anthropocentic character of the project.
© 2011
Parents Association of the 9th elementary school of Corfu   (Corporate Identity)

The original concept for the design of the logo for the 9th Primary School Parents Association in Corfu was inspired by the birds: they fly and oversee, just like a Parents Association should do, figuratively speaking. In particular, the bird chosen was the Woodpigeon, which is a member of the Columbiformes order and the largest bird in the pigeon family. Woodpigeons are unique birds; they are clever and gifted by nature with an acute sense of danger. They have perfect eyesight, good hearing and a team spirit. One of their characteristics is that when the flock eats, certain members act as guards - and so they do in their perch. The above unique features have inspired the symbol for the Woodpigeon’s figure, whilst the symbol’s final shape takes after the Chinese puzzle (Tangram). The latter was incorporated in the design as its geometric shapes allude to school and learning. The white triangle under the neck symbolizes the Woodpigeon’s white spot that differentiates it from other pigeons of the same family.

© 2011
Dreambook   (Case Study)

It was a dream that inspired the creation of the Dreambook®, on which one may narrate or draw the dreams one sees at night. This might even make them come true. The Dreambook® is addressed to all, regardless of gender or age, is bilingual (Greek-English), has 160 pages and a hard cover.
© 2010
Philab | Cosmetiscs   (Corporate Identity)

Given the company’s name, the source of inspiration for its logo was the Greek letter ‘Φ’ [Phi] which stands for the divine proportions, the ‘golden ratio’ 1.618, named after the sculptor Phidias. The absolutely symmetrical shape of the capital ‘Φ’ was moulded in such a manner so as to resemble the shape of a round bottom test tube of a chemical lab. The deep purple reconciles the power of red with the power of blue.  

© 2011
Artissimo  |  Bakehouse

The source of inspiration for the logo symbol was the image of the bread on the shelf. The final design constitutes an abstractive depiction of the above, hence explicitly pointing to the subject matter of the company. Moreover it forms the letter “A” which is the company’s initial. “A” furthermore is the first letter of the alphabet and suggests feelings such as enjoinment, pleasure and excitement while is by association connected with the concepts of creation, quality and excellence - values which are embedded in the company.
© 2010
Lore  |  Cocktail - Wine Bar
Lore: Accumulated knowledge through education or experience. Certainty through expertise. The design is inspired by the plan of a wine bottle. It evolves into a symbol of degustation, as in its finalized form, it depicts the shape of the taste bud of the human tongue. It was created for a unique space, which aims to offer what it knows best, hence satisfying the palate as well as the need for a friendly atmosphere and human interaction. “Lore” proffers its expertise, offering its customers an extended range of selected wines, gourmet snacks and special cocktails & liquors, while fostering communication and interpersonal connection.
© 2010

Housale  |  Property Development

Τhe name of the company, comprises of the words “House” and “Sale”, a combination which aptly points to its business object. The logo depicts the stylized design of a house inside a circle, thereby pointing to the concepts of organization and diligence, which are fundamental in any building project. The ladder inside the house, also symbolizes construction, hence making a reference to the company’s services, which include property research and acquisition, development and sale.  As for the color choices, yellow symbolizes light, it is positive and energizing. Moreover, as it is typically used to denote “works in progress”, it creates a reference to one of the company’s main fields of operation (construction). On the other hand, grey is used to signify professionalism, thus enhancing the validity and status of the company.

© 2009
220  |  Electrical Installations

The source of inspiration was the company’s business object itself –namely electrical installations: In particular the number “220” which constitutes the current’s measurement unit in Greece was selected as both the name of the company as well as its logo’s design main 
theme. The name and theme of “220” aptly points to the company’s business object. The fact that “220” is written in one stroke, aims to suggest that the company provides integrated services and solutions. The choice of red is intentional in that it is eye catching and attracts attention. All in all, this logo is bold and memorable while managing to wittily and succinctly convey what the company is about.

© 2009

Mamakita | Just for Kids
The name is derived from the combination of the Greek words “mama” (mother) and “kita” (look). “Mama kita” is one of the most common phrases that children use in order to direct their mother’s attention to something that caught their eye or something they did. 
The accompanying design depicts a paper boat, thus on the one hand creating a reference to the classic makeshift construction and on the other, to the journey towards adulthood.  The “royal” mauve was selected in order to signify the notions of creativity and nostalgia, while orange as the color of energy reflects enthusiasm, happiness, warmth and playfulness.

© 2009
Filmcenter  |  Greek Film Center

This logo is directly associated with the cinema, as it depicts the first thing that the viewer sees when he enters the movie theatre: the rows of seats in front of the projection screen. This is a familiar image, which is understood by young and old, alike. The style is intentionally minimalistic and austere, so as to project the values of status and quality, which lie at the heart of Film Center’s philosophy. The contrast of black and white is dynamic and draws attention. At the same time it lends a charmingly retro tone to the logo design, by creating allusions to black and white cinema.

© 2008
Vrionis | Music House

The logo depicts the outline of a classic piano. The particular instrument was chosen for it constitutes the flagship of any orchestra.  Its minimalist, austere shape reflects its value as an instrumentwhile simultaneously, by forming the letter B (the Greek equivalentof the latin letter “V”), it depicts the initial of the company’s name (which in Greek is spelled Βρυώνης»). The design is simple and concise so as to project trustworthiness, and at the same time unique so as to suggest originality and prestige. It draws attention; it is memorable,diachronic and aesthetically flawless. The sturdy Serif fonts symbolize the company’s gravity, while the color violet combines passion and wit and embodies charm.

© 2008

Mindart | Photography
The logo has a dual symbolism. On the one hand, it points to the thought process, which is intrinsically connected to the first component of the company’s name (Mind) and, on the other hand, photography itself.  The design was inspired by the camera lenses and the Auto Focus function of a camera. In effect, it constitutes their abstractive, schematic depiction. Red is a vibrant, expressive, happy color which inspires warmth and vitality. Due to itsappealing qualities, red becomes dominant and aggressive. Red was furthermore selected as it is the color which is associated with the old fashioned printing booth.
© 2008
Mykonos View | Hotel
The source of inspiration is the very image that the visitors see when they open their windows: A postcard perfect Mykonos View-as the Hotel’s name also indicates.The image is formed by a combination of the outlines of traditional Myconian houses as well as various elements that are typically associated with the island: A small church, a chimney, a windmill and the traditional arches ("camares"). The synthesis is included within a frame with curbed corners, similar to these of the traditional Myconian "camares".  Light blue is a soft, gentle color which symbolizes tranquility and wholeness.  It is clear; it alludes to the color of the sea and the sky and bestows serenity. Its combination with grey encapsulates the hotel's modern character. 
© 2008
Oniro | the bar
© 2008
Dressing Bar

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