The King's Deli - Packaging Project

The Brief
Create an original brand of crisps with a distinctly British feel to appeal to the export market.

The Client
Smylies is a family run business who specialise in the consolidation and export of British food and drink. This idea was born following requests from their clients for a superior, quality tasting crisp with a long enough shelf life for the export market due to long-distance shipping.

Name Generation, Initial Logo Concepts & Pack Concepts

The first part of the project was name-generation for the brand. With an initial brief of ‘Quintessentially British’, we had an excellent starting point which threw up plenty of ideas. After consolidating our initial thoughts, we focused on three primary themes: An old market, farmhouse or country style kitchen theme e.g. 'The Market Kitchen Crisp Co'; A traditional British sounding name as a face for the brand e.g. 'Tommy George's Crisp Co'; or something regal, royal and classy e.g. 'The King's Crisps Co'.

The Brand Name

After much consideration Smylies decided to go down the ‘Regal and Royal’ route and following further development and discussions there was a unanimous decision - 'The King's Deli'. The target export markets would find the name easy to pronounce, it had a distinct ‘Britishness’ to it and was also future proofed in the eventuality Smylies wanted to expand the range.

The Final Packaging

A simple white background featuring top down images contrasting with vibrant, flavour-specific colours was agreed upon for the final packaging. We also took the time to photograph each flavour of crisp to give the customer an accurate depiction on the pack. What you see is what you get.

Website & Promo

As well as the initial branding and packaging we have since worked on various promotional materials including brochures, trade stands, pull-ups and social media graphics, further expanding 'The King's Deli' brand. Most recently we finished designing and building The King’s Deli website -

From The Client

"The King’s Deli Brief was initiated as the first private label project of the business.  As an exporter of UK Food & Drink we knew snacking was a strong category but thought we could give international consumers more in terms of variety and branding.  Double D responded immediately to the quality of the product and cues of the brand name – with us agreeing on “Premium”, “British”, “Delicious” and “Mouth-watering” as benchmarks for the final design. 

The whole process was really well managed with timely updates on logo development which gave way to the first pack artwork.  We had several really good designs (which on reflection were more quirky) but just not quite what had envisaged.  Crucially, at this point, we were able to refocus and rework while keeping the elements we liked.  It was great to have the designers on board with us throughout and we never lost sight of what we wanted the consumer to experience on-shelf.  Ultimately we have a pack design that we are exceptionally proud of and have been very happy with the process of getting there.   

The King’s Deli launched in January and we are now exporting the range to clients in more than 10 countries."

Henry Elsby, Smylies

The King's Deli

The King's Deli

Packaging, logo and branding or a new crisp brand.


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