PF DIN Text®‭ ‬Arabic
Copyright © 2010
Designer: Panos Vassiliou /Hasan Abu Afash
PF DIN Text®‭ ‬Arabic was designed back in 2010‭ ‬in order to complement Parachute’s popular DIN series‭ (‬published in 2002‭) ‬which is considered the most comprehensive set of DIN superfamilies today‭. ‬This matching Arabic family contains a powerful array of features which was recently enhanced with a series of‭ ‬95‭ ‬practical Arabic and Western symbols‭ ‬for packaging‭, ‬public areas‭, ‬environment‭, ‬transportation‭, ‬computers‭, ‬fabric care and urban life‭. ‬
DIN Text Arabic was designed in collaboration with designer Hasan Abu Afash in‭ ‬8‭ ‬weights/styles‭ ‬from‭ ‬Hairline‭ ‬to‭ ‬XBlack‭. ‬It supports Latin as well as all variations of the Arabic script such as Persian‭, ‬Urdu and Pashto‭.‬
Two versions were originally designed‭, DIN Text Arabic ‬which is the basic Arabic version that includes Latin‭, ‬whereas the second version‭ ‬DIN Text Universal‭ ‬supports simultaneously Latin‭, ‬Arabic‭, ‬Greek and Cyrillic‭. ‬The latter version combines the powerful DIN Text Pro with DIN Text‭ ‬Arabic bringing the number of glyphs to a whopping 3320‭ ‬per font‭. ‬It supports 30‭ ‬advanced opentype features and kerning for all‭ ‬languages‭. ‬Altogether DIN Text Universal supports hundreds of languages‭, ‬proving to be‭ ‬an essential tool for corporations which are seeking to strengthen the presense of their products in international markets‭. ‬DIN Text®‭ ‬Arabic has participated in several exhibitions worldwide and was featured in‭ ‬Arabesque2, ‬a book about contemporary Arabic art and design‭, ‬published by Gestalten‭.‬
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PF DIN Text® Arabic

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PF DIN Text Arabic