_tH∑ S∑∑k∑Rs ∞
_tH∑ S∑∑k∑Rs ∞
The Seekers is a collection of Sci-Fi characters from an imaginary world. They might be in a game, in a comic book or in an animated movie. For now they're just my favourite exercise: Creating art from an imaginary universe that one day might be something :)
d◊N dĄri*◊NN
tH∑ f∑RĄL±ʇ
It'LL b∑ ◊vER S∞∞N
tH∑ BR◊ws∑R«
tH∑ ¥kkĄRuS__
tH∑ H∑xAG◊N∑∑r
b E A s t *(TAM∑r)
tH∑ SVP//p◊rT
tH∑ m∑shh³
tH∑ Hâ\_◊"
Most of them are made with the Ipad Pro. Here you can see one video process.
Here's a slower version of a video process so you can follow a bit better the steps
Thanks a lot for watching and stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment with your impressions! and remember...

I sEE~ ¥ou ¤¤¤