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    Branding for Select Plus
RONA - Select Plus
Select Plus is a line of pressure treated lumber available in RONA stores across Canada. We were tasked with re-branding this product line, on a shoe-string budget and very short deadlines. It didn't take long before we recognised our first major challenge... the name Select Plus, says nothing about wood.

Therefore, we decided that if you want to promote wood in a no-nonsense marketplace such as a hardware store, you should show and say wood as clearly as possible.

Product InspiredGraphic System

Inspired by theproduct itself and everything you can do with it, we created a flexible graphicsystem. Everything was contained within a closed box (rectangle), that was'square and true' reflecting qualities of the wood that we were promoting. Oncethe exterior shape was created, we added compartments to contain the headlines,the copy or the icons. Any space that was unused, was filled with rows ofillustrated planks of Select Plus wood.

Client: Rona
Agency: Sid Lee
Branding & Art Direction: Jean-Daniel Petit
Branding & Copy: Ollie Miles