• I was asked to create a full CI for a local advertising agency, Zoom. They required various corporate elements, a website, and a new interior for the reception and entertainment area.

    Zoom Advertising is a true South African agency that knows South Africans like no one else does. Fittingly, the agency’s name can be abbreviated to ZA, which is also the Dutch abbreviation for Zuid-Afrika, meaning South Africa.

    As Zoom was the first carbon neutral advertising agency in South Africa, and the national representative for Ogilvy Earth, they adhere to strong sustainable business practices, like using paper with a low environmental footprint for the new CI elements.
  • Interior work done in conjunction with Ant Tulekken
  • Custom designed Kudu head
  • Graphic for Kudu head
  • Frosted clear vinyl for boardroom
  • Wallpaper design for Lift Area
  • Lift area
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