Various illustrations. Set 16.
Gargoyles Thieves

For the Village Voice's Book Review section.
First published in The Village Voice May 5th, 2017
San Francisco Streets

A wall illustration for Hack Temple covorking space in SF commissionad by 2B Architectural Group
A poster for an upcoming 'Voroshilovhrad' movie by Serhii Zhadan's novel.
A music poster for Closer Low Party
Another one for Closer Low
A poster for a collective exibition 'By the way, the life is beautiful', which was this April on International Book Fair 'Book Arsenal'
A poster, tribute to the 3-rd anniversary of Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity.
Robors are sexist and racist.
Just like the people who created them.
Self initiated piece based on Guardian's article.
A refraction. Take care this summer!
The one I did for Good Wine shop this spring.