At Mockup Zone we are always thinking about the next best thing. Something unique, practical and beautiful, in fact it is our motto. So we created the Unicolor Mockup Pack for you. Basically we got hundreds of real life objects and actually painted them into a single color (DAH! of course not those precious Apple products) and then turned them into completely and easily customizable PSD objects.

You can repaint them into any color that you wish, add your own product labels, mix and match and combine the objects and design your beautiful banners like no one else. If you are not a designer, do not worry, we have created tons of templates for you, beautifully designed and ready to be customized with a simple click, go ahead and paint your world into your favorite color.

We painted hundreds of objects into solid white,
ready to be repainted by you into any color you wish.

We have designed tons of templates, carefully crafted and easily 
customizable with a click of a button.
And oh, we have also created perspective scenes,
if you like ’em angled.
Unicolor Mockup Pack