In 2009 Mandela Day was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela's birthday on the 18th July. The day not only celebrates Madiba’s life and legacy, but more so a movement that honours his life’s work and the act to make a change in the world.

As a part of RCL FOODS Community Life campaign, RCL FOODS annually launches a Mandela Day campaign, where they seek employees to actively be involved in the charities that they support. Every year the company runs a campaign where employees participate. Previously only a few departments were invited to join he campaign, however in 2016 they expanded their campaign to reach all employees from every division, allowing up to 300 employees to take part.
With RCL FOODS having just refreshed their corporate identity, we had access to their extensive colour palette and range of Shweshwe patterns.

Having done this project for a few years, we researched new potential art directions and agreed on creating a Pop Art inspired piece. The idea was to reflect on the major effect that Nelson Mandela has had on South African society, specifically in unifying the country.

Pop Art as a style, became synonymous with social and political commentary. The style was made popular within the contemporary design world by President Barack Obama’s iconic “HOPE” posters for his 2008 campaign. The team wanted to create a similar inspiring feel, whilst still reflecting the vibrancy of both South Africa and RCL FOODS colours to represent the coming together o our nation and represent Nelson Mandela as a  unifying force within South Africa.

Various communication channels were used throughout the event. Posters were used to create awareness, as well as email. The RCL FOODS intranet allowed for further communication with the use of adverts and banners to serve as daily reminders.