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    MASCH K-1 alias MK II Stealthy Santa Claus. Born to shoot x-mas trees and x-mas flavored mini-bullets. The dream will survive...

alias KNUT MK II

(the stealthy Santa Claus)
project 2008

Born to shooting x-mas trees and x-mas flavoured mini-bullets.

X-Mas is coming...   soon !

01 Knut himself
02 Canopy
03 Extraterrestrial Communication
04 Terrestrial Communication
05 Depot for flavored mini--bullets
06 Gun for flavored mini-bullets
07 Gun for shooting x-mas trees
08 Main controlling system (santa c.)
09 Main Turbojet Engines
10 Driving Gear
11 Main robotic hand
12 Radar system
13 Spot
14 Sensoric system
15 Fire extinguisher
16 Supply cable
17 Gift generator
18 X-mas trees for free