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    RMX EP OF 3512
Back in December of 2009, my friend Still Philosophy and myself made and EP called "3512" Its been 7 months since then. SP and myself decided back May that we should release a RMX version of the EP. Well, on June 1st, we released it. The EP, called "3512: Redid" consists of RMXs from the U.S. and U.K.

Busy, 00Genesis and Planet ? are the U.S. contributors, while MusSck, Drab.One and The Dene Road were the U.K. contributors. The RMX EP was featured on www.moovmnt.com and a host blogs.

Here is the Tracklist
1. Beyond Category (MusSck RMX)
2. Still Philosohpy (00Genesis RMX)
3. Pitfall (Drab.One RMX)
4. Rollin in My...(Planet ? RMX)
5. Three, Five, One, Two (The Dene Road RMX)
6. Mars (Busy RMX)

You can download the EP FOR FREE at

So far, the RMX EP has over 300 downloads since its June 1st release
Hope you enjoy.
Revised artwork was done by Jurassic Funk (Nate James)
Beyond Category (MusSck RMX)
Still Philosophy (00Genesis RMX)
Pitfall (Drab.One)
Rollin in My...(Planet ?)
Three, Five, One, Two (The Dene Road RMX)
Mars (Busy RMX)