My client for this project is also a friend, his name is Joe and he makes music, Joe was after a logo, CD cover artwork and promotional designs to be used for one of his bodies of work. I will be outlining what this job involved and where we ended up


It was important that we had an logo to work with before getting started on the artwork, this needed to be versatile for various applications and be able to be used for any future work of Joe's. He was able to give me a rough idea of what he was after and also gave me a sketch of his for me to start with, Here is documentation of how this stage progressed

Further development
Final logo

After completing the logo my next step was to come up with a concept for the artwork and to show how it might be applied. Early in the project we had discussed to have a 3D element to be available in a limited number. I experimented with the idea of sculpture & neon signage, considering different techniques for each but in the end we agreed to try the idea of screen print on clothing. I then thought to design a small box to hold both the CD and the garment

I decided to be a little experimental with the artwork, it also needed to be suitable for all elements of this project. I decided to do this style because I liked the irony of having something printed out but also looking pixelated. Conceptually I see the artwork as a visual representation of building oneself, each frame adds a little more detail, this is something that Joe and I have talked about before as we are both young creatives trying to express ourselves by experimenting more with our work and in turn
developing as people

Final Box, CD, & Sweatshirt designs
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