Nike's 'White Hot' Project - CG, Retouch and VFX
Happy Finish was more than happy to be approached by one of its Anchor Clients, Nike for animation, CG and Retouching on their spring campaign to launch a triple white offense that cuts through the integrated marketplace and showcases Nike’s full collection for the color - WHITE. With the main motive to reset and redefine the ‘LITTLE WHITE SHOES’ in the sneaker world, through both, prioritised product offerings and unique story-telling. 

The concept of the project was to centralise the white spotlight as the motif with different sport settings for each category. For bringing these images to life, we created a seamless consistent visual story throughout the journey in the form of an animated GIF that transitioned between each sport setting using long uninterrupted white pedestals, or a grouping of circular pedestals, and a dimensional tagline treatment.

Albert Tien, Designer @ Nike China, while expressing his views about the project says that, “It’s always great working with Happy Finish for their professionalism and knack for getting things right. The White Hot project was no exception and I think the results speak for themselves.” 

It's truly our pleasure to work with them every time!

Client - Nike
Project - Spring Campaign "纯白当道“
Designer - Nike - Albert Tien
Retouching - Happy Finish - Alexis Goodwin, Eva Jing, Ting Li, Marvin Qiu
Animation - Jack Chen

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Nike's 'White Hot' Project - CG, Retouch and VFX