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"You Do You" Hand Drawn Printable Planner
You Do You - Creative Printable Planner
Planner created for my Bachelor's Degree project.
Cover Pages
Monthly Art
Samples from the Planner

Hand drawn
I wanted a planner that gives hand-made vibes, so I decided to draw the graphic elements, including the hand lettering, and then scan and edit them in Illustrator and Photoshop. 

The illustration are black and white, because I feel frustrated when someone imposes their taste on me. I want for everyone to feel free to use their own pens, watercolors, highlighters, etc. 
Also the titles are a bit transparent. The grey used, works really well with any other color added on top, and they can play the role of a guideline. 

The Pages
Another key element of this planner is the variety. I wanted to create a number of pages from which you can choose and select what you fancy best. 
For the 2018 Planner there are two Monthly First Pages with different drawings, and a lot of fun pages that you can add to create the perfect planner or tracker.
I also added multiple covers that are suited for both personal and work related planners.

As some of us prefer to have more space to get creative and like to use an A4 notebook, others would like to have a smaller version that it's easy to carry around in a backpack or a purse. To fit all of your needs I created two similar versions of the planner, an A4 and an A5.

Another issue I usually have with the planners on the market is that the pages are not as I want them to be, or in the order I'd like them to be. 
For this I decided to give you guys and girls the upper hand. 
This is why the planner is in the PDF format, in order to be easy to arrange and to select the pages you want, while being able to put them in the order you think it's best. 
Also you can always print them again, and again, as many times as you want, on the type of paper you want etc. There are so many opportunities with this feature. 
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Thank you for your support!
"You Do You" Hand Drawn Printable Planner

"You Do You" Hand Drawn Printable Planner

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