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    Poster for the contest: ICONS & LEGENDS!
Icons & Legends

Pay your tribute to your legend and create an outstanding design!

After the great success of the PETA contest we thought it was time to stimulate the creativity of our designers’ community with another special theme.

We’ve also decided to involve you in this decision and thanks to your preferences we finally came up with a new theme for the next purple leaves contest: ICONS & LEGENDS.

Most representative figures from movies, sports, history or fantasy characters like Mickey Mouse, Spiderman or Wolverine have always been a main source of inspirations and they managed to remain in the memory of all of us. Take the chance and pay tribute to your personal legend/icon by creating your own outstanding T-Shirt design.

The winner of the contest will be rewarded with 250€.

Contest Winners
Legend - Sam Jay
Steve Jobs - Nystagmus
Andy - Gespox
Hitchcock - zuzu
Donald dean - basphi
Frida kahlo - Bgallardo13
Tupac - Bgallardo13
Steve Legend - masrapido
We can be Heroes - Acus
the Angreen - Alextwist
Famous like warhol - patjah
Porky Cop - Butcher
Total Pin-Up Recal - Butcher
Go Green - Omar Shammah
Sirkols - Edzel
Avengers pixel g - Sayon
Inited xMen - Nillivanilli
Tyler Durden - Ommar Shammah
Alice in Wonderland - Prinzessin
Ledgendary Klementine - Thor Stenman
Anubis // Ancient -Andrei Pascale
Dark Knight Rises - Pankaj
viva la revolucion - manu
007 BOOM! - valerie
Iron Man - Stuart
Gandalf smoking pipe - asofiap
choose your favorite T-shirt!