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How to become Positive Parents?
Tiredness can make parents pessimistic and their attention towards children can get affected. This is why when children express the wishes of riding on the toy car with remote control, parents can respond to them harshly. Similarly, if you are sleep deprived or under pressure, parents can get cranky in terms of handling the tantrums of children. A research study has shown that lack of sleep makes people impaired and the ability to think clearly will not help them to manage the tasks.

This means that if you expect others to be best at parenting despite knowing that they are tired, it may mean that you are being hard on them. Though parenting is a demanding job, if you constantly judge your progress by comparing with other parents, it will make you annoyed and sad. If you are tired of the hectic routine, you can take a break from it for your health and for becoming a better parent. In other words, sleep-deprived parents can improve if their brain gets the needed the rest. Talking to the experienced parents can also guide you to manage the new parenthood with your sleep routine, for instance, you can try the following tips to make it easy for yourself and others around you.
Power Naps
Of course, you already know this but if you can substitute sleep with power naps, it will make a tremendous impact on your personality and temperament. Parents tend to spend time on planning the birthday parties but when it comes to sleep, they may find it hard to catch up on the sleep. Therefore, opting for power naps can help you to get rid of the irritation and tiredness.

The stress on getting everything done has to do with the fact that when you feel exhausted, you can expect to do a better job, but you will have to relax first. So, every time you shout at children, you internalize negative energy in the children in addition to weakening the family bond.  If you get few hours to rest, make the most of it rather than getting straight six hours of sleep. The idea is that if you cannot get long hours of sleep, try to get naps as your child sleeps or gives you time to do it.

Talking to your partner about concerns and taking help is one way to address the issue. In the same manner, if you take turns or your sister can babysit the child, it may help to relieve the stress as well. Moreover, some of the parents choose to hire a nanny to multitask work and family life. The main point is to get done with all you can in the limited time rather than hoping and waiting for the best time to sleep. If your child has an older sibling, you can take their help to feed the baby or engage them with play while you get some sleep.
Parenting Plan
Preparation can make it easy for you to manage the daily tasks, however, if you think that it can get you ready for the unexpected situation or everything to be precise, you may be wrong. However, the value of planning cannot be reduced despite the weakness mentioned above, as parenting requires you to make decisions and ensure that things get done under the time constraints. For instance, if you have not gotten the time to sleep at night, you can make a plan to manage the house chores in the morning by being productive rather than dealing with things on the ad-hoc basis. If you make a list of things to do, it will help you to handle all the tasks one by one.

Moreover, if your plan requires you to make efforts at the cost of time with family, try to look for alternative options, for instance, if you try to achieve something you cannot manage, it will end up in failures. Hence, get your hands into those things that you are confident about and take incremental steps to accomplish them. For instance, if you find that your child has done something you asked them not to; use humor to convey your message rather than getting angry at children. Telling the kids directly not to disturb you is another clear mean of expressing your feeling. It will make it clear to the children that you need rest or they need to be careful. In simple words, if you can keep everything simple and do not over think, your job will become easy.
Break from Proactive Parenting
If you overexert yourself in terms of getting everything done at once, you will increase the chances of losing the temperament. Therefore, the key to positive parenting involves patience and tolerance even when you face pressure. Doing things in a hurry may seem attractive to you, but the end result will not be anywhere close to your expectation. Hence, you will have to do it all over again. Similarly, if your arm hurts or if you have been awake for a long time, take some measures to relax for a while. The more you try to absorb or suppress without getting a break, the harder it will become for you to focus on the positive parenting. If something requires immediate action, take help rather than shouting at family members or getting frustrated.
To conclude, positive parents is something all the parents aspire to achieve, but if you do not take the relevant steps, you cannot achieve the desired results. Therefore, the first step is to get the sleep you have been missing out on, the second step is to make a parenting plan in terms of prioritizing your sleep and the chores, if you can take help from a friend or family member, it can make it convenient for you to complete the sleep or get the power naps. The main purpose is to not delay things you can do now, try to make the most of the time you have on your hands. Lastly, if you are not kind to yourself, you will not be able to avoid your breaking point.