Fill in the Potholes & The Pothole Watch / Spothole App
The Fill in the Potholes Project & The Pothole Watch App/Spothole App 
Available on Android and iOS.
I grew up in Mumbai, India. Every day when I went home from school, college or office I would see the many hardworking people who work for Mumbai and help to keep the city on track. When it rains a lot, roads get eroded and potholes are born. Today, we live in a culture where everything is digital, the mobile is the most powerful tool in India today and when fun, engaging and interesting content is part of a campaign, a platform or a product it becomes lovable and gets accessed across mediums. 

I thought long and hard, what could we do? What could we make? And one fine day, Pothole Watch was born as a scribble and concept note on a piece of paper. I immediately shared it with my friends Sandip, Rupesh and a few others. And now, my idea became our idea. More people came forward to help and it became the most popular digital campaign in Mumbai. So popular, that blogs, social influencers and the news reached out to the team and started talking about it. 

But, in the middle of the project the team took over, Sandip and I left and just stayed for some time as volunteers as our core vision was different from what the team wanted to achieve. So, we respected the project, their space and moved away from the team and the project. We wished them well and moved on to our jobs. We hope they can take the project to greater heights. 

But, I will never forget the team that brought it to life. They were my friends, my colleagues, team mates, buddies and their passion towards the project was nothing short of an inspiration to Mumbai and the digital industry. So, thank you Sandip, Rupesh, Lokesh, Ulhas and Edward.  

To understand this project you have to look at it from two lenses. 

The first phase consisted of Pothole Stories where we used our toys to make Pothole Stories as a part of the Fill in the Potholes Project. 

And, the second phase consisted of the Pothole Watch App which later came to be known as Spothole. 
Meet the original pothole fillers. 

An Art, Copy, Content, Research, UI/UX and Coding team made up of the best of the best of the digital world. The reason this team was assembled is because everyone had a unique skill, talent and imagination that they brought to the table. But, special mention and thanks goes out to Ulhas Shringare and Lokesh Khemani who were the youngest and most passionate members of this team. You can say they were the two pillars of the project in the initial days. 
The initial exploration of the experience. 
Rupesh and the team were now leading the project. They wanted to get validation from the world and people to believe in their passion and efforts. They used a popular platform called Wishberry. 

So, to drive awareness around this part of the project, friends, well-wishers and volunteers of the project made a film for the App. 

A microsite was home to all the stories that were made with toys by the initiators of the project as well as fans, followers and evangelists of the project. Also, it must be mentioned here that we were the first to do something creative around this subject in India, using toys and simple fun photographs to promote an App without money, just pure talent and hard work. Owing to their fun and shareable personality, these stories also did extremely well as content for social media. 

Artists like Shehzad Kapadia and others also started contributing to the project in their own creative and imaginative ways. 
The Final App Screens and Experience 
The App on the Google Play Page 
The App on the Google Play Page. 
Positive response and validation from the world kept the team going and continuously inspired. 
An idea cannot exist as a plain idea. It must be thought through. There must be a follow up on every execution. One of our initial conversations with the team was around having a vision and creating an ecosystem for its existence and to do good work. Here's what it looked like. 

A large part of this ecosystem organically also started taking shape on its own owing to people's involvement in the project and wide acceptance of its good intentions. 
The project and the new team got featured on Good News, India Today TV. It was a proud moment for them. 
What it looked like during the project's peak moments and when people organically started engaging with the project. One of the most healthiest statistics thanks to its organic nature and citywide acceptance. 
The project got covered by the best of India and the world. Here's a small list. 
You can stay updated on the project, its latest and greatest updates at the official website or download the app via Google Play or at the App Store. 

"Meet 5 startups solving India's infrastructural problems."
- e27, Web Innovation in India. 

"Your App sounds very interesting. Will be happy to check it out." 
- Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor, Autocar India.

"Sounds like a great idea.Will certainly pass the word around." 
- Q, Cult Film Director.

"Groups like Fill in the Potholes try to highlight that we public should not have to put up living with poorly maintained roads." 

- Mark Morkell a.k.a. Mr. Pothole, a national campaigner on pothole problems in the UK.
- Quoted from 
Fill in the Potholes & The Pothole Watch / Spothole App

Fill in the Potholes & The Pothole Watch / Spothole App