I'm one of the person in Design Camp India's 2012 Organizing Team. I made an idea and had approached my team members to have a background of wing in celebrity standee. They appreciated. But my mind was thinking how to do it in a different style. I was having an idea to make an abstract art. then..sketchbook.scribbling!
What else..started to see some Inspirational stuffs and got a clear idea what i was going to do..

Since it's going for a large print i had chosen my canvas in 10000 px (w) and 5000px (h).

My medium level computer started to hang. I knew that would happen.That's why i used single color and had brush stroke as 4 pt
After some time..i dont have elements and shapes to fill up..again went to google and took lot of images which has curves and circels etc., This is actually a second level of detailing..
I messed up some abstract elements and other curved shapes..!
Here is the collage. 
Design Club Volunteer from IIT Design Club
Mr. Abhijit Bansod - Young Creative Entrepreneur 2011–Design by British Council, Red dot Design award 2010, Design
Mr. Udaya Kumar - Designer of Indian Rupee symbol
Mr.Shwetank Dixit from Opera
Mr.Vyshak Venugopalan from Adobe India team.
My Hearty Thanks to Design camp India 2012 team!

Thanks a lot for looking at !