Maternity Hospital 10
A 10- point child delivery

Any brand is primarily a name. You might not have expected to hear this opinion from the experts in design, but it is true - in theory the organization may not have a logo, but the name will always be there. Brand names may be different, for example, acronyms (IBM, BMW), component (Microsoft, Gazprom), descriptive (Martha Stewart Flowers) and even fictional (Kodak, Yahoo!). As for the names of public institutions, medical, for instance, here the situation will be different from that with commercial structures. Previously, the "Toksovo District Hospital" were GB customers - the name informs of the location (Toksovo is the name of the village in the Leningrad region), the "Leningrad Regional Hospital" - the name tells us about the administrative organization, and after all that we started working on the corporate identity for "Maternity Hospital 10".

Even at the planning stage, it became clear that # 10 is the sole identifier of the institution, because the name "maternity hospital", informs only about the profile of the institution. In the process of work on the visual concept the brand designer of Goryanin Brothers picked number 10 out of the name of the organization, turning it into an interesting metaphor.

Firstly, the designer drew the number 10 using the simplest of all possible scripts, and then began working on the stylized 0. As a result of the search for the desired shape the symbol emerged, gently hinting at the pregnancy. Because of the common abbreviated name for the facility, we were able to use letters meaning "maternity hospital" under the symbol. Interestingly, the inscription can be viewed both as a logo (i.e. the name of the organization) and a strapline (i.e. the caption disclosing the sphere where the brand functions). At the same time, the inscription is functional - it highlights the scope of the brand activities, making the trade mark unique.
Selection of a color scheme and the further development of the organization’s identity were focused on building a warm and restful image, reminding of a cozy European hotel rather than, for example, the dentist's office painted in cool tones.

Created logo:
2016 September
Maternity Hospital 10