MelanCholy 1/6 scale figure
Dubai-based graffiti artist/designer Kim Baroma aka Melancholy was born and raised in the busy streets of Manila, where he wrote his first tag and spread his army of illustrated characters all over the city. He started painting on canvases and eventually had his works exhibited in various galleries. In 2006, he was introduced to street art and immediately fell in love with the whole concept of art in public spaces.​​​

His tag name was influenced by one of the Smashing Pumpkins album “Mellon collie and the infinite sadness.” Being melancholic means being in a state of gloominess but for him, “Melancholy” fuels his passion for his art and creativity. His influences are music, urban culture, life and everything wonderful and tragic. Melancholy's main medium are paints, cans and markers.
Sculpt / Paint / Costume / Accessories
 All handmade by adingangbato © 2017
Packaging artwork by Fritzie Carlos
MelanCholy 1/6 scale figure