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    What if politics was as easy to understand as buying your next loaf of bread? We created a blind “taste test” that helped tens of thousands of yo… Read More
    What if politics was as easy to understand as buying your next loaf of bread? We created a blind “taste test” that helped tens of thousands of young Canadians find their political affiliation and go to the polls with confidence. Read Less
What if politics was as easy to understand as buying your next loaf of bread? We created a blind “taste test” that helped tens of thousands of young Canadians find their political affiliation and go to the polls with confidence.
Get presented with a simple question and choose how you feel about it to see the parties who you afilliate with.
Stances on more complex issues and pick the one that you like best.
Once you've completed a few issues, start setting your priorities.
Once you've answered some more questions, you'll get some recommendations on what parties match closest to you.
View the live site at www.theundecided.ca