ActionMethod Online 2.0

Our team launched the new ActionMethod online in July 2012. With this major upgrade, our beloved task management application is faster and more powerful than ever before. We re-designed and re-built the application from the ground up, based on all of your feedback and our vision for the future of task management.

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Main View (grid)
Quick project creation in sidebar
Users have the option of viewing and managing their Action Steps as a simple horizontal checklist
Shared project view (with shared files on the right)
Share project view (with discussions on the right)
Live search results
Edit Action Step popup
Add Files popup (empty state)
Add Files popup (multiple files uploading state)
Resources / Apps
Address Book
Account Settings

Creative Direction: Matias Corea
Design: Clément Faydi
Product Concepting Team: Scott Belsky, Clément Faydi, Matias Corea, Bryan Latten
Back End Development: Bryan Latten, Dave Stein
Front End Development: Alex Lee, Jackie Balzer

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