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    Motion package for event/award show for both broadcast and set.
2017 Kids' Choice Sports Awards

This year I've been working for SHOP to create motion design package for both broadcast and set of 2017 Kids' Choice Sports Awards. I'm responsible for every animation that's presented here, unless stated otherwise. When it comes to design, it's been a team work, which was started with brief from the client, and few motion sketches that I've produced before joining team in Bristol.



I started with few simple lines, which when multiplied - created engaging backgrounds, and overlay elements. Some of the assets were used once, while others were used in almost every composition.

That's probably one of those things that everybody is doing, but nothing actually talks about. Creating various looped backgrounds gave designers ability to quickly sketch new ideas for screens/states/etc. while not really having to think much about animation - it's already been done!

Those screens (for awards show set) were actually pretty huge:

broadcast category Opener

and variations in color, direction of the split, and type of slime.

broadcast Nominee state

Project was created with template nature of this part in mind, so it wasn't too hard to quickly produce new variation.

various elements for broadcast
Few bugs like coming up, still to come, replay, and their color variations.
Lower third, provided to client with after effects project.