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Original prototype, around 6'' tall, production units made from solid resin cast.
After a long preproduction period the The Stalker Pollo project was shown at 2017 Toycon in London with an awesome feedback from the audience.
Mari Mochi is a Spanish Tattoo artist, illustrator and animal lover based in Spain.
She tends to create beautiful, dynamic and strong scenes with animals and nature, but, from time to time, this kind of weird and funny characters appears from the deepest corner of her twisted mind.
Check her stuff at Instagram: @Mari_Mochi
The Stalker Pollo is the first piece of the GhettoPlastic Collab series, It is a Pollo (the spanish word for chicken) that hides his depraved thoughts under his gentle manners. He doesn't care about boys or girls, he loves stalking everybody and everything while he walks in, what he thinks is, the gentleman's fashion, but, as someone once said, 'You better not trust a pollo on cowboy's boots, ridiculous hat and a colorful bow tie.
All one off series with customs from Mari Mochi and Sadgas.

Piece done for Toycon 2017, bubblegum pigment in solid resin.
Pieces done for Toycon 2017, neon pigments in clear resin.
Pieces done for Toycon 2017, thermal sensitive pigment(turn color deppends of temperature)
Custom pieces done for Toycon 2017 by MariMochi.
'Gundam Rx782' Custom piece done for Toycon 2017 by Sadgas from his Mech series.
'Eva-01' Custom piece done for Toycon 2017 by Sadgas from his Mech series.