We Came From Space Portraits 2
Porto, Portugal 2016

Alejandra Jaña — Graphic Designer
João Castro - The Royal Studio — Graphic Designer
Ana Areias — Ana Types Type — Graphic Designer
Filipe FernandesCOSMICODE — Ux / Ui Designer
Ana Resende — Artist
Hugo MouraXesta Studio — Graphic Designer 
Ana FerreiraINFO — Graphic Designer 
Isabel QuaresmaINFO — Artist / textile / drawing / education
Joana Sobral — Non Verbal Club — Graphic Designer
José TexeiraCOSMICODE — Software Engineer
Tiago Soares da CostaLYFT Creative Studio — Graphic Designer
Irena ÜblerINFO — Industrial Design 
Daniel RodriguesLYFT Creative Studio — Graphic Designer 
Ricardo Moreira — COSMICODE — Software Engineer 
Raquel ReiINFO — Graphic Designer

Álvaro Martino and special thanks to Adalberto Duarte for the amazing collaboration! 

(Some photographs in this project are of poor quality, due to the fact that the originals have unfortunately been lost.)

WCFS Portraits 2