RTD FastTracks is in the process of building their Light Rail West Corridor that will stretch from downtown Denver to the Jefferson County Government Center in Golden. This line will bring life back to several neglected commercial and residential neighborhoods along the main artery of Colfax. The site for this project is the area around the future Oak Street Station at West Colfax Avenue and Oak Street in Lakewood. The masterplan proposes a new economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable transit oriented community, balancing elements of a research and development complex, commercial, retail, offices, live-work, residential, open space, and other lively public spaces. 

Based on existing site analysis, the concept for the proposal is a harmonious gradient of use and intensity from the bustling, commercial northwest corner of the site to the calm, residential and green-space uses to the southeast. The main attraction of the proposal for the site is the welcoming, tree-lined promenade that brings the existing park at the southern tip of the site all the way up to the north edge. The path intertwines with a small drainage stream, hugging mini plazas that offer eclectic and culturally stimulating vendors and performers. Enchanting like Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain, this feature is a destination mecca that welcomes local and visiting pedestrians as the guests of honor, but also accommodates the automobile.