How to Use Dual BBM in a Single Phone using Android App
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Hello men, after obtaining a wonderful response about the tutorial to Install Two WhatsApp on same Android Phone, we are back with another interesting trick to install 2 BBM on same android phone and then you can trigger two bbm accounts on identical android smartphone!There are many concerns that we have noticed of: "The best way to conduct dual BBM accounts on a single Android apparatus", and we chose to supply you with thorough steps through this report.  We've tried to do it, and everything works flawlessly and that's the reason we're likely to present your distinctive way to attain bbm2 on Android apparatus that features two SIM cards. In this article, you will get to know about how to use Dual BBM.

About Dual BBM

A lot of you may have guessed that how do we activate two bbm reports on same android telephone but we've made it possible today that also in a really simple manner.  All you need to do is just follow this procedure to Install 2 BBM on Same Android Phone and observe the results turning on your favour.  This procedure will be for both Rooted and Unrooted Android Smartphones!  So you need not to be concerned about being Rooted or never so as to install two Blackberry Messenger on Same Android Smartphone!  So let's jump into the tutorial to set up two BBM on telephone :

1. Download OGBB Messenger in the link at the locker!  You will need to just Like ot Follow or +1 us in order to Unlock the Download link and thereby download OGBBM.apk
2. If you're reading this article then I am certain that you already been employing BBM in your smartphone!  You need not to uninstall the Stock Android BBM.  
3. Merely install the Downloaded OGBB Messenger and thereafter follow the identical activation process as you did with your Stock BBM to set up OGBB Messenger!  
4. Now you will have two BBM pins Simply Share and revel in!  This was the whole trick out!  

Final Verdict:

Do not miss any trick, therefore enroll to the site.  Hope you didn't face any problem when installing Dual BBM on Same Android Apparatus!   Do share the article as token of thanks