Client: Versace          Year: 2017          Studio: Luca Finotti         Creative Direction: Luca Finotti         Art Direction & Motion Design: Linus Zoll
My animation for Versace's social media channels showcases a combination of my abstract style with the beauty of the
Versace Frenergy sunglasses.
Luca's team gave me full creative freedom and wanted me to create an animation influenced by the product, while retaining my own art style.

I created many different style frames as well as different motion tests before I ended with these as my final scenes.

To emphasize the brands ideals I went with a luxurious feeling color palette. The custom typography I used in the video was inspired by the shape of the sunglasses themselves — with the glass front, golden screws and an inner stroke.

The biggest challenge of this project was to create the entire video on a slow 8GB RAM laptop during the nights after my full-time internship which I did at the current time. After doing research about the brand I started sketching and writing down general ideas. I then modeled the sunglasses in 3D and created different scenes — most of them using abstract procedurally generated objects — and started to animate everything.

Thanks for watching!