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    Visual identity - Coldwater Prawns of Norway Three competitors with long experience in the shrimp trawling have joined forces and formed Coldwat… Read More
    Visual identity - Coldwater Prawns of Norway Three competitors with long experience in the shrimp trawling have joined forces and formed Coldwater Prawns of Norway AS to have a joint sales and marketing company. The company’s boats account for about 60% of all shrimp that are caught by the Norwegian ocean-going vessels. Coldwater Prawns of Norway enters the future with one of the finest, purest and healthiest product in the world. Coldwater Prawns of Norway is also announced Official Associated Member of Bocuse d’Or. Read Less
Branding Norway's largest sales company of coldwater prawns

Coldwater Prawns of Norway
Visual identity | Conceptual branding
Three former competitors with long experience of prawn fishing teamed up in 2008 to form Coldwater Prawns of Norway, a joint sales and marketing company. Now, not many years later, they are Norway’s largest sales company for Norwegian-caught prawns and one of Norway’s fastest growing companies. Since they were founded in 2007/2008, the company has increased its market share of Norwegian-caught coldwater prawns from just under 45% to more than 90% today.
During the years the company has been in operation, CPN has become Norway’s biggest sales company for Norwegian-caught prawns. In 2011, the company started its own production company in Senjahopen, Norway. CPN’s operating revenues increased from NOK 15 million in its first year of operation in 2008 to an estimated turnover of NOK 430 million in 2014.
Kind manages the overall visual and emotional branding for Norways largest sales company for Norwegian-caught coldwater prawns. Our CEO and Creative director has been working with the comapany since their startup in 2008. In 2014 CPN was awarded 'Company of the Year' by Innovation Norway. The jury's statement: 'Company of the Year goes to a company that has succeeded in creating lasting and profitable growth. They have customer needs as a guiding principle in their business. The company has systematically and purposefully acquired knowledge of markets. They have shown an outstanding ability to quickly apply this knowledge in an innovative way, and has created a strong and attractive international brand.'

Concept images
Coldwater prawns are caught in clean, deep waters and have a quality and purity that few other products in the world can boast. The pure arctic expression with a distinct color grading is completed in all material developed for CPN.
Pure Gourmet
Certification brand

Sustainable harvesting is very important to CPN. They are therefore accredited to the MSC and Friends of the Sea and meet their approval requirements. For CPN, however, this is not enough. They have created their own certification brand, Pure Gourmet. The goal of Pure Gourmet is to set even stricter demands as regards sustainable harvesting. Compliance with MSC, Friends of the Sea and KRAV requirements is a prerequisite for this, but CPN have also set their own requirements that must be met to be Pure Gourmet-certified.

Premium pachaging
The prawns that are used in this special luxury edition are from a specially selected fishing ground north of Svalbard. The prawns are caught in the winter months of January and February at depths of 650-750 metres, at the very edge of the ice – in the cleanest and most crystal clear waters on the planet.