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    Just some stuff that I do in spare time :)
I'm starting this project so I can upload here my little creative projects that I do in spare time.... Let's see how it goes :)))
Logo that I created for myself.
It represents the first letters of my name and surname Biljana Bojevska and the letter i between them creating tne name Bib - my nick name.
Some friends say that it scares them ..... is it really scary? :)))
I created the Growing power button that controls power. Whenattached to a person it controls the strength needed for different activities -something like power saver. You can manually adjust it.
The Auto control is good for people that don'tnow how to control their own strength when combined with certain feelings likeanger in certain situations.
I made this simply by watching a tutorial and at the end when I finished it occurred to me that it made me happier.... so I added the title and the scale with numbers and it became loading bar of happiness :) Also I very much love this colors so I thought why not to be the colors of my happiness :P
This is the glossy version :))
This is the orb of truth, it knows all the questions in the world. You just have to get close to it and it opens and shows you it's visions. When opened it has 8 little children, so you have only 8 chances to ask questions that interests you. The orb does not answer only one question: - What's the meaning of life? So u'll have to find it yourself :)))
This is theYes/Yes button. It doesn’t have No option because it does not supportnegativity. The YESbutton measures your amount of happiness and pleasure. If it’s on minimum you’re in danger, so start enjoying in life immediately.
Maximumpleasure allowed :)
Inspired by Nina Georgieva's Yes/No button http://dribbble.com/shots/671177-Yes-or-No-v-2