UEFA #WePlayStrong

The We Play Strong campaign is aimed at empowering young girls through football. As part of the launch, Factory Fifteen created a 90-second film, which sees a combination of live action shots with VFX. The commercial follows a girl’s journey from timid uncertainty, through to triumph. Various animal imagery is used to mimic feelings of shyness (butterflies) and confidence (fire-breathing dragon/ soaring bird). A series of digital stickers, illustrations and GIFs were also produced as part of the campaign.

Agency: FCB Inferno
Production company: Nexus Studios
Animation company: Factory Fifteen
Editors: Stitch
Post production house: Time Based Arts
Sound design studio: John Clarke at Factory
Music search: Toby Williams/ Abi Leland at Leland Music

Director: Kibwe Tavares
Animation Director: Paul Nicholls
Illustrator: Chris Martin
Animation Design & VFX: Factory Fifteen

Factory Fifteen Team:
VFX Supervisor: Paul Nicholls
On Set Tracking Supervision: Peanut
3D Animator: Ricardo David
2D Animator: Tom Malins
Lighting & Rendering: Carl Kenyon
3D Generalist: Carl Kenyon, Ares Simone Monzio Compagnoni, Matthew Moult
Composite: Paul Nicholls, Matthew Moult
Internal Production: Laura Chan
Camera / Body Tracking: Peanut
Additional Camera Tracking: Bot FX, Trace
With Support From: Michael McCarthy
Thank You