Journey to the Sundered Lands
Journey to the Sundered Lands is a little project I have developed throughout the last two months during my Environment Design class. I wanted to create a cohesive story within a single world while challenging myself with different environment types, lighting scenarios, etc. It includes a few finished paintings, B&W thumbnails, a map as well as smaller studies and shape explorations.

The journey is in chronological order (from top to bottom) so make sure to go all the way down if you want to see the end of the story!

Enjoy :)
The first night I arrived on the island, I was exhausted, lost and had nothing but a map to guide me. They wanted me to find The Relic... I slept inside a canyon. All I remember was the moon that night.
The water felt so.. pure. I could see the clear water pouring from the waterfalls everywhere as I stumbled upon these little pools of water in the mourning. I found rest and replenished my water supplies before leaving for another long day.
The writings on the map said "The High Tower". This place looked so mysterious. A barren field leading to a gigantic mountain. The Tower, standing proudly at the highest point, creating a waterfall. My journey was leading me elsewhere and alas, I had no time to explore this place. Perhaps another time in my life.
As I approached this new region, I could feel the cold of the air slow my progress. And the snow.. I couldn't feel my feet anymore and it became obvious that I wasn't prepared for such climate. Before leaving, I saw something that chilled me to my bones. A sword, planted in front of a strange rock, and a creek leading to it. My gut was telling me to leave this place.. but I could feel an incredible tension with each step I took towards it. I followed my gut and will never know how it feels to hold it.. to feel its weight..
Strange rocks, almost like monoliths, standing proudly in the pools of water. A deserted land that the map called "The Flatts". Never had I felt so alone than at this very moment. I could see a storm coming... Hopefully, I can see the light of another day after tonight.
The Storm had passed and I had found refuge near a beach. I had no idea where I was anymore. I ran and ran. All I knew is that I needed rest. I couldn't go any further tonight and the fire kept me warm. It's all I needed.
I couldn't believe I had made it this far. The Crypt ruins were right there before my eyes. The Relic had to be there. The ground was carved in a circular fashion, almost like a spiral. Why? I wasn't sure if going was the right thing to do anymore but I couldn't go back. I was too far in.
The entrance to The Crypt was immense. It's almost as if the place had sunk into the ground and everything felt so dark. What will I find inside? I had to press on. I had to find The Relic.
They said The Relic would save us, that without it our people would die. Is it even true? It feels like I have been on this journey forever and yet, there it is.. right before me. I can see it with my own eyes. It floats into this strange crypt. Everything feels so calm, silent and relaxed around it. The air is dense. Strangely, I can hear a faint sound emanating from it, almost imperceptible. It’s.. calling my name.