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    Wildlife Victoria is a not for profit, volunteer based charity, providing a vital emergency phone service to the community by responding to calls regarding sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

    The Wildlife Victoria identity proposal was based one the idea of a re-branding strategy that would refresh the perception of the current organisation. One element that inspired the approach is that it is a nonprofit, volunteer based organisation. It depicts an organisation that is community based with a perception of individuals lending a hand to help our injured wildlife.

    With this idea in mind, the identity solution depicts a less corporate style with a more friendly yet professional direction. The typeface was custom made for this identity so that a sense of individualization can be seen in the hand written style. This typography is coupled with a logo that has two main elements, the first being the circular hand cradling the animal. This relates strongly to the volunteering hand of individuals helping the injured or distressed wildlife. The second element is the animal within; this can be changed so that it may depict a baby Kangaroo, Koala, Possum, and Kookaburra etc. This idea gives an element of freshness to the logo, opening doors to different avenues of applications.

    The refreshed identity solution will help to depict Wildlife Victoria’s as a professional organization while communicating the essence of the organization.