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    Social games for Facebook, iphone, android and similar systems.
This page contains examples of art for various social games that I've worked on at an early level. These are projects that have not yet reached the level of production that includes programming, audio and detailed game design, if you feel inspired to take it to that level, feel free to contact me for suggestions. 
THAT CHAV GAME, a whack-a-mole type game where you have to be the boss chav in your neighborhood.  Progressivly faster with some more characters added in later, including young female, mother carrying baby and father/old chav. Bonus power from drinks, run out of ciggies and it's Game Over.
Boffer chav, very energetic from the glue he just sniffed, move quick or he'll bum a ciggie from you.
Lottolout fat chav, though he'd rather be doing a bit of rallying in his backyard he still likes sneaking ciggies from you, slap him twice to change his mind. Slower than Boffer chav.
Officer Gently, a gentleman until you slap him, then the gloves come off and you'll wish you had slapped an alligator instead.
ZOMBIE CHAVS FROM OUTER SPACE: Same as above, but more complex, this time you spare the chavs and go midevil on their zombie counterparts, act quickly so they don't multiply on nearby chavs. A storymode with scaling and panning backgrounds (zoom out for bigger buildings with up to five by five windows visable at the same time at some points).
First game, Silver Tower, is an "eliminate blocks of three or more of the same colour in a row" type game. The Silver Tower title comes from the story that you need to find ten keys to open the ten locks of the Silver Tower seen in the horizon of the background, lifting a curse over the country.
The background will change as you progress closer to the Silver Tower, inbetween levels you will head to a map page where you wil also find subgames, bonuses and hidden secrets.
You progress by matching blocks of the same colour, the outside colour is the one being matched, when it reacts with other blocks, the inside colour will grow to the full size of the block and the second time the block reacts with other blocks, it will be eliminated, all the blocks above it will fall down and a new double colour block (or special block) is revealed at the top.
By eliminating four or five blocks in a row you will recieve special blocks as a bonus, they will come in handy later. If you play badly or are beaten by an opponent you can be punished with block-blocks, concrete blocks that are only possible to remove by triggering special blocks.
Here we see a special block being triggered by having a row of colours around it, all blocks on the same height will be eliminated.
Manage to bring three special blocks in a row and you will trigger a super special which eliminates all blocks and makes the whole top of the level shoot off into the air, finishing the level. The level can also be finished by other goals, like score, speed and reaching an objective.
Each of the ten keys are being guarded by a boss whom you must face...
... and defeat.