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    An infographic about the visual history of WIRED Magazine
This is an infographic I made as a tribute to my biggest inspiration - WIRED.
The infographic illustrates the visual history of the cover of each magazine since 1993. First, I collected and printed all 228 covers. I hand traced the grid of each cover with pen. With those drawings, I created a prototype and created extensive lists of data. I digitized each grid sketches with Illustrator and organized them into a simplified perspective of the publications aesthetic development. Areas with a lowered opacity on top of the grid represent headlines and blocks of text. Each icon or colored circle represents a company, person, idea, or key phrase that has appeared on the covers. The colors boxes on the left edge illustrate the spines of each issue within the past four years. Each set of four squares represents a single issue. This was the most ambitious project I've ever completed and despite all the obsessive nights of collecting data, it was damn fun. 
If I could transfer the infographic into a navigable iPad app
An idea on navigation
Here is a look at the process
 A detail of the first prototype. I put clear acetate over each grid I drew. I used tape, post-it notes and highlighters to indicate the subject matter of each magazine cover.
Me with completed prototype