June. 2017
Category : Home appliance _ Hair dryer
Designer : Hwa-jin Ock
Concept design / Personal work 

'Dial' is hair dryer with simple form and new system.
It is possible to set the appropriate temperature for various types of environments, such as infant, pets, or damaged hair. 

appropriate for each situation

I felt that there were various use habits or environments in the use of hair dryer.
However, the conventional hair dryer was inappropriate for various situations. More detailed temperature control was needed. 
While considering the shape of the control buttons, I was inspired by the dial of digital cameras. With the dial buttons of the handle, you can set the right temperature for yourself.

Dark Brown​​​​​​​

Bluish Violet  / White

Sleek design
Neat style is especially suitable for home appliances.  Because it can fit in any environment. Also it is ideal for highlighting the key point of the idea.
I used neutral, cosy colors and matt finishing for fit on its shape.

Thank you !