The Task
A car design competition hosted by carmagazine in collaboration with Luma and ...XYZ. The brief was to design a fourseater sport compact Jaguar. The competition winners are decided through theamount of votes/likes they receive on facebook. If you like my design pleasevote by liking it at ends 23 rd October 2012

The Outcome
Atfirst glance my Jaguar XS may come across as a no compromise two seater sportscar. The XS was inspired by the C-X75 concept car amongst others. One of thetechnologies borrowed from the C-X75 is the four individual electric motors ateach wheel. Including this technology into my XS not only gives the car stronggreen credentials, it also allows for more space in the form of 4 seats. Theelegant, sporty body and slightly oversized cockpit make up my version of afour seater sport compact Jaguar.