Università Vanvitelli — Brand Identity
Università degli Studi della Campania — Luigi Vanvitelli (Proposal)

Logo design and brand identity


Following the change of the University’s name from Seconda Università di Napoli (SUN) to Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, the Institution has decided to launch an international call for ideas to produce the graphic design of the mark and/or logotype and related visual identity system. The University was established in 1991 within a diffuse regional context, and since the very beginning it has been entirely autonomous from the other, older Universities for its history, culture, nature and organisation. The reasons behind the decision to go through a rebranding process lie in the strong will to highlight the University’s modern, highly dynamic nature by: stressing a shift of scale; highlighting the high reputation earned over time; setting the basis for a greater recognisability; reinforcing a renewed, contemporary identity.

It was considered three main points mentioned on the brief to design the logo: cross-fertilisation of knowledge, the sense of community, multidisciplinary. Subsequently each subject was metaphorically represented using simple geometric shapes.

Cross-fertilisation of knowledge 
“While being fully compliant with the Ministry’s requirements (university / schools / departments / administration), in fact its organisation tends to favour the construction of relationships based on multidisciplinary, exchange-based approaches and on the cross-fertilisation of knowledge.

A circle and a square, simbolically represent  two different subjects, but coming together, give rise to the culture and therefore to the Cross-fertilisation of knowledge. 
Figure 1

The sense of community
“This attention to the construction of a trust-based student-teacher relationship is based on an open, uninterrupted dialogue, and into the building of an inclusive, empathic relationship.

A circle and a square represent, this time, the student and the teacher, where the intersecation creates the dialogue. 
Figure 2

“The wide range of courses also makes it possible to include all  elds of study, the main principle at the root of the University’s cultural approach and guidelines being the dialogue between scienti c research and Humanities.”

Inside a cirlce, there are various shapes that represent the different subject of the University. 
Figure 3

Having an iconographic idea of the form of the logo, it can be designed. The intersection between the circle and the square, about the previously picture, is the essence of the concepts expressed.


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Università Vanvitelli — Brand Identity

Università Vanvitelli — Brand Identity

Following the change of the University’s name from Seconda Università di Napoli (SUN) to Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Read More