I was born in Tianjin, a harbor city located near the eastern coast of China. Before moving to Beijing, where my home is now, at the age of 7, I have lived two years in Shanghai, the eastern Manhattan. Thus, a cityscape to me is more than just a view; it is the metaphorical vessel in which all of my memories reside and the embodiment of my personal history. The large cube has a generic city map engraved in all of its six facets, representing urban environment in general. Through the center of the large cube, five small cubes are stacked on top of each other. There are three different design patterns engraved on the five small cubes: street lamp, matrix of windows, and abstract building complex, all of which are essential components of a city and also represent segments of my memories. The complex of five small cubes penetrates the large one, signifying the continuous strand of my personal memories not only sits in the heart of the urban environment, but also stretches above and beyond it into other physical spaces as well as the continuum of past, present, and future. The layering effect formed by small and large cubes makes the designs on each facet less distinct and obscure, illustrating the fact that pieces of memories will become blurry and less distinguishable over time.

Baltic birch plywood

Featured in Re: Memory, 9th Annual Brown|RISD Dual Degree Exhibition, Granoff Center for the Arts, January 17 - February 13, 2017
Installation Photo at Granoff Center
Shooting in Studio
The Modularity Nature Allows Recombination