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    Art Director
Shin Kong Cinemas has brought in the first MediaMation MX4D cinema in Taiwan. In this corporate image film, we tried to create a whole universe built by a kind of primitive medium - paper. With the developing technology of software, we could illustrate models or actions which were difficult or even not possible to express by traditional papercrafts. When the 3D “paper-made” characters or items and realistic VFX were presenting in the same frame, the contrast of different textures may be accentuated, which is also the difficulty of traditional production process. We also hope that with our design, consumers may fully enjoy the end-benefit of upgrading the cinema facilities.
Client:Shin Kong Cinemas 新光影城
Director:曾忠嶽 Jason M Tseng 
Creative Director:王宗欣 Cowper Wang
Storyboard Artist:王宗欣 Cowper Wang / Tingan Chen
Art Director:劉熙真 Hsi-Jen Liu
Project Manager:黃婷鈺 Tyne Huang
Texture Consultant:陳佳琦
Texture Artist:柴志澈 Chihche Chai
Animator:吳華倫 Warren Wu / Chih Yang Tsai 
VFX:Computerface / Sid Lin
Lighting & Render:Computerface / Sid Lin
Designer:黃婷鈺 Tyne Huang
Compositor:黃婷鈺 Tyne Huang / JiaYu Jin
Music / SFX:三十而立 Sincerely 30 / Stanley
Music Assistant:孟欣亞
Surround mixing:林尚伯 @ 杰林影音薪傳錄音室