Winter Garment

To keep warm in winter and look trendy, lots of women like to get dressed in layering. What are the benefits of such style of wear? Oh, there are lots of them and even more. You can “fix” your clothes and thus, you can feel comfortable even with dramatically changing temperatures. Also, layering is considered to be better way to save warmth. Let’s explain: usually you wear a heavy jacket on your bare skin. With layering, you have more pieces of clothes that hold your body heat and make it trapped near your skin. And, to sum it up, there is a huge number of looks that are just plain awesome.

The Base

It is the closest layer to the skin. Further on it will be covered with some more layers, that is why the first task of yours is to choose comfortable, “breathing” and skin-friendly base layer. And in this case, it’s better to stick to comfort than stylish look. We mean it’s better to feel dry and fresh, than get sweat under layers of clothes. That’s why pick out some synthetic fabric that will control your odor and moisture wicking.

The Mid

So, here you may start picking out what you like. This is a point where choice power starts to work. You can make mixes of whatever you want, using different prints and color (like Dickies prints, for example). Flannels and warm sweaters can be matched ideally, and plus to that puffy vest look perfectly in combination. On top of that, you feel warm with all those layers on you.
Or two more variants:
·         Pullover sweater + collared office shirt
·         Tee shirt with long sleeves + insulated vest

The Outer

This is the layer that is the heaviest on you and performs a protection function (kind of buffer) from snow, wind and frosty temperature. The outer layer is a heavy jacket, parka or trench coat that should be correctly accessorized with appropriate boots, hats, gloves and scarves. Even in the most expensive, waterproof and fashionable trench coat you will look ridiculous if the accessories are wrongly chosen for.

The main rule of looking stylish and trendy, and feeling comfortable inside and outside is to stock up with cozy and comfortable clothes.