Ben & Jerry’s | One Sweet World
Messages of fear and hatred are on the rise. The divisive mantra peddled by politicians and the media is reaching fever pitch. It's breeding resentment and dividing our society more than ever before. Ben & Jerry’s wanted to create a counter-narrative; one of hope, not hate; one of unity, not separation. It’s why they created One Sweet World, a campaign to encourage ice cream lovers to choose unity over division. And they asked Nice and Serious to create a manifesto animation to launch the campaign.
In the wake of recent political affairs, there was a powerful and poignant story to be told. But it needed to be told in a way that only Ben & Jerry's could do. So we created a parallel universe inhabited by flavours. The story is told through a Cherry who seeks to unite Coneville, a town dominated by the divisive Lemon Party.

We worked will an all-star team of designers and animators to create an intricate, crafty world that felt right for the story and for the Ben & Jerry’s brand.

We realised music was key to the success of the concept - it needed to help tell the story of a sour world turned sweet. So we collaborated with Adelphoi and singer / songwriter Ben Cocks to write an original track with a delicate vocal with uplifting build towards the end.

We feel that the story speaks to a growing group of people who are disenfranchised from politics and want a new, inclusive narrative for society.
1. Research & Concept Arts
2. Storyboards
3. Style frames and Look Development
The animation was used as manifesto for One Sweet World. It helped Ben & Jerry’s set the context for the campaign in a creative way. The animation was launched on Ben & Jerry’s social media channels across different European markets, with a reach of tens of millions of fans. The video also formed a key part of a press release to help elevate the One Sweet World campaign to influencers and key media outlets.
Creative Director: Tom Tapper
Animation Director: Luke Marsh
Producers: Segolene Meheust, Mutsa Marau
Creative: Christopher Ross-Kellam
2D Design & Concept Art: Luke Marsh
3D Design & Environment: Guillaume Le Roux
Character Modelling & Animation: Kilogramme
Texturing & Compositing : Thom Haig, Chris Shaw
Additional 2D animation : Romain Loubersanes

Writers: Tom Tapper, Gleb Toropov, Christopher Ross-Kellam
Storyboard: Marylou Faure
Music & Sound Design: Adelphoi
Ben & Jerry's | One Sweet World