Identity, Corporate Website

Famous partner of the major world sports events, Dppi invites us to design its digital identity.
We work on the creation of a new type logo as well as
on the design and development of their new multi-support website.

Historically committed to motorsport, Dppi now covers all sports disciplines.
We have sought to produce a neutral, timeless identity detached from any anecdote.
Typography occupies a central place in the design of their new identity.

In line with their new identity, we created a sober interface.
Black and white and some shades of gray dominate the site.
Only the images come to color the support.
We use different typographic size to scale the interface.
Light effects of transition and parallax rhythm the interface.
We made sure to create a coherence in the animation of the UI elements.

The site includes an e-shop part managed under Shopify.
Users can acquire the most famous photography in a collection that includes more than 100 references.

All the design of the interface has been designed to best meet the constraints of all media.


October 2016