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    dumpster diving infograhics
The poster is about dumpster diving and wasted amount of food.
It’s a very serious problem of the world that there are millions of people starving while in lots of countries food
that could be eaten ends up in trash because of different reasons. 

In the centre circle you can find data about different kind of items, found in trash by a dumpster diver. For example on the 12th of June 2010 this person found 1kg of mushrooms, a cabbage, 10 peaches, celery, yellow roses, 1kg of carrots, 4 peppers, 4 loaves of bread, and so on.. On the 6th of April 4 eggplants,  potatos( 4kg), a bottle of honey, a lot of apples, bio milk (3 liter) were found. In addition you can read about food waste in the Europian Union and in Hungary and of course the definition of dumpster diving.

This poster I created was part of an exhibition of Budapest Design Week 2012 . The theme of the Design Week was slow design and slow food.