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    Graphic design magazine with a focus on corporate identities
novum 07.17 »corporate identities«

In this month’s focus theme of corporate identities we present a particularly wide spectrum of examples from across a variety of sectors. How do you give a traditional bank a contemporary new look? Or make Twitter into a tangible experience? Also featured in this new issue of novum are Studio Grau’s prize-winning designs, Diana Barbu’s delightful illustrations, the well-travelled designer Ginette Caron and the creatives at studio [Rowelt], serving international clients from a village location. Then, in part 2 of our series on »New Typography«, we take a detailed look at the Bauhaus and the influence it still exerts to this day. Enjoy!

What better medium for the subject of corporate identity than a material that impresses in both overall look & feel and subtle detail? This time, on the July cover of novum, a neutral, radiant white combines with a fine surface structure to create a delightful and intriguing haptic experience.

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Cover design 

Symbol Card/E (E48 intreccio) in 300 gsm by Fedrigoni

Offset printing (inside pages)

Tobias Holzmann, www.tobiasholzmann.de