Free Energy Of Tesla Documentary
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    Free Energy Of Tesla Documentary
Docudrama “Free Energy of Tesla” tacks together two tales: a historical account of Tesla’s eventful life and sophisticated CGI-graphics illustrating his pioneering research into physics and bold experiments with electricity. 
Suffering from a fatal malady as a child the future great physicist promised his parents that he would recover under the sole condition…if they allowed him to become an engineer. And he kept his promise. Never ending yearning for knowledge, research practice, creative endeavor, discoveries that have unfixed all established notions – that’s what was characteristic of the great physicist. Nikola Tesla woulRedesign of on-air imaging of the alternative music channel MK. Some of SA's top bands were used as MK brand ambassadors to communicate the ethos or vibe of the channel.
Art-direction: Igor Gritsik
CG Team: Andrew Aslamov, Viktor Kokoruza
Creative direction: Eugene Sannikov
Producing: Oksana Maydanskaya