A series of cinemagraphs created for a job advertisement for Kristiansand fylkeskommune in Norway. The vacant positions was for two psychologist for the PP-tjeneste - a service for counseling students in the 16-20 age-group.
We used the subtle motion cinemagraphs to create an atmosphere in the digital ads, as well as on the landing page. We wanted to create an atmosphere that was recognizable both to the students, and the potential applicants. 

In the ads the gifs were used as a background for short sentences that we knew were relevant for students and the issues they may have - "How do I get through this", "Noone can help me" and "There is no way back". 

The cinemagraph effect works as a metaphor for how problems can dominate someones' life, and become the only thing to occupy your mind - reducing the rest of the world to a static backdrop. 
The campaign resulted in a more than 160% increase in number of applications compared to earlier ads for similar positions, a defined increase in suitable applicatons, as well as two hired psychologists in the Kristiansand area. 

The students at Vennesla Videregående Skole in Vest-Agder, Norway, who posed for these gifs, are not affiliated with the subject matter in any other way than being students of the same age. They are also awesome.  Photo: http://victorianevland.no/