The OMAS Project
101 Posters
This project was designed for us students to learn how to build and design successful layouts.  The requirements said that each piece can only contain Helvetica Neue font and the same circle shape.  Each poster must be designed using a specific layout deisign.  We began with creating twenty axial, ten radial, ten dilatational, fifteen grid, ten modular, ten symmetrical layouts along with two random layouts and two transitional layouts, bringing the total to 79 layouts.  We were to then choose three from each category along with the two from the last two sets that we had completed and rework the layouts, adding color and working the text over again.  Once we had completed the project, each student had a total of 101 posters.  Exercising repetitive design work, layout design, proofing and editing, we then each had one final poster to present for critique.  The posters presented in this portfolio are the three final reworked pieces.
Axial 87 - Final
Axial 86 - Final
Modular 84 - Final